An often overlooked but very important element when designing a bedroom is the lighting.

Both style and function should be considered when selecting the right light fixtures. Here are some bedroom lighting ideas used by interior designers to showcase style and create a comfortable and relaxing environment in this very important room in your home.

1. Mix Three Lighting Types

The most comfortable rooms have a mix of the three main lighting types: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient lights serve as the main light source in a room and provide a subtle glow to the space. Recessed ceiling lights, track lights, or a crystal chandelier hung in the center of the room are examples of ambient lights, or floor lamps can serve the same purpose in bedrooms without ceiling-mounted light fixtures. Install dimmer switches to further increase the flexibility of ambient lighting.

Task lighting is focused light that reduces eye strain and helps the user accomplish a task, like reading, studying, or work. Examples include a beside table lamp, desk lamp, or wall sconce.

Accent lighting creates a focal point in a room by directing light to a piece of artwork or a unique feature in the room. This direct lighting is intended to attract the eye to the featured piece.

2. Save Space With a Wall Mount

Keep your bedside table clutter-free with wall-mounted sconces on each side of the bed, offering task-based light perfect for reading.

Sconces can complement the bedroom furniture, while the design directs light downward in a focused area for nighttime reading.

3. Create Ambiance With Tinted Glass

The level and tone of mood lighting affects the room’s ambiance. Experiment with factors like bulb wattage, tone, and lamp shade color to see how the resulting light makes the room feel.

Try pairing a dark glass shade with a lower-wattage bulb to create a moody, comfortable atmosphere perfect for lounging or napping.

4. Supplement With Track Lighting

The right mix of lighting makes a room feel bright and happy in one moment, and calm and relaxing the next. If you’re lacking bright ambient light, add track lighting to fill in gaps when accent and task lighting isn’t enough.

5. Choose Lighting That Doubles as Art

Add to the mix of lighting options in your bedroom design with wall art that can be illuminated.

When paired with recessed ceiling lights and matching bedside reading lights, artwork can create an eye-catching focal piece while also providing accent light.

6. Make a Statement With Neon

Neon is moving from the bar to the bedroom. Not only does neon lighting create a unique ambiance, it also doubles as an eye-catching and unexpected piece of art.

7. Add a Touch of Whimsy

In addition to adding functional light to the room, bedside lamps are an opportunity to express your personality — from the shape of the stand to the pattern of the lampshade. When picking a light source, consider its shape, direction, and transparency depending on your needs.

8. Direct Light Upward

When combined with task lighting and ambient light sources, accent light gives a room character. Try directing light upward for an eye-catching accent that adds coziness to the space.