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Ceiling fans are no new invention. Yet, despite their prevalence, many renters and homeowners are in the dark about how to properly use one. Simply turning it on and letting the blades spin might not always do the trick. Your ceiling fan is equipped with a special feature to keep you feeling great through every season.

In the warmer months, ceiling fans are commonly used to circulate the air in a space to keep it cool.

But did you...


With the recent push towards a greener, environmentally-conscious world, consumers have become increasingly interested in the dangers of products in their own homes—and rightly so.

If the products we use can harm the very ecosystem that supports us, how can we be sure they aren’t harming us as well?

To ensure your home is the safe, inviting place it should be we’re breaking down the different light bulbs in your home.



Imagine getting in bed and then realizing you forgot to turn off the light, but rather than getting up, you use a simple voice command, and all the lights go off. Or imagine you just finished watching a movie and the whole room is dark, but instead of hunting in the dark to find a light switch (and running your knee into your coffee table), you grab your phone and instantly turn on all your lights at the touch of a button. If that sounds like...


Life is hard and sometimes it can bring us down. Work, family, and other responsibilities are all factors that affect our mood. But what are the best ways to improve your mood?

Although feeling sad is a common and should not make you feel any shame—feeling this way is but a small part of life—it should not dictate how we feel every day. Luckily, there’s an easy and little-known trick to help boost your mood without harsh prescriptions....


Lighting – it can make or break a room, budget, or mood. Do you feel inadequate to style your home whether it is a new build, under full renovation, or just itching for some change?

Knowing proper interior aesthetic and design principles; including contrast, balance, movement, texture, proportion, repetition, and color when it comes to incorporating the right type of lighting in your home can be difficult. You can feel completely...


An often overlooked but very important element when designing a bedroom is the lighting.

Both style and function should be considered when selecting the right light fixtures. Here are some bedroom lighting ideas used by interior designers to showcase style and create a comfortable and relaxing environment in this very important room in your home.

1. Mix Three Lighting Types

The most comfortable rooms have a...