Small Space Lighting Ideas

Small Space Lighting Ideas

With back to school in full swing, many people are preparing to move into smaller spaces for the time being, such as dorm rooms or apartments. However, you still want a beautiful space you can call home that includes wonderful lighting. Brecher's Lighting is a family-owned and operated lighting store with two locations in Louisville and Lexington. Learn some great small space lighting ideas below, and stop by today!


Make Use of Wall or Overhead Fixtures

In order to save space, you should invest in wall or overhead lighting fixtures. They will also help your space to feel bigger because they won't be as noticeable when you walk into a room. Wall sconces and flush mounts are great for this reason.


Choose Slimmer Lighting Options

Slimmer and more simpler lighting options will not take up a lot of space in your smaller room, and they comparatively fit better. A large lighting fixture, such as an ornate chandelier, will look out of place in a confined space.


Use Your Lighting As Art

One great way to get more bang for your buck is to use your lighting as art. Choose beautiful lighting fixtures that speak to you and that you can use as a focal point in your small room. This will save from having more home decor items that could just clutter a space.


Layer Your Lighting

When you layer lighting, you'll use multiple lighting types in order to create a specific mood or feel, as well as offer function and balance to your space. Choose great ambient, accent, and task lighting to ensure your small space pops.


Brecher's Lighting has been helping the homeowners and business owners of Lexington and Louisville have the best indoor and outdoor lighting for their spaces since 1866. Stop by the nearest lighting showroom to see our wide selection today!

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