Wall Sconces


Wall Sconces

When it comes to lighting fixtures that can add a touch of elegance and functionality to your home, wall sconces are the perfect choice. With their versatility and stylish designs, wall sconces from Brecher's Lighting can elevate any space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Shop our Lexington or Louisville lighting showroom today.

Best Places for Wall Sconces in Your Home



Wall sconces can illuminate your hallways, providing both style and practicality. They add a layer of ambient lighting, guiding guests through your home with a touch of sophistication.


Living Room:

Placing wall sconces on either side of a fireplace or above a mantle can create a stunning focal point, emphasizing architectural features or artwork. They also provide additional task lighting near seating areas for reading or other activities.



Wall sconces installed beside the bed can serve as stylish bedside lighting, freeing up bedside table space. They are perfect for nighttime reading or creating a cozy ambiance for relaxation.



Install wall sconces on either side of a vanity mirror for balanced and flattering lighting while getting ready. This eliminates shadows and provides clear illumination for grooming tasks.


Dining Room:

Enhance the charm of your dining area by placing wall sconces on the walls adjacent to the dining table. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for intimate dinners or entertaining guests.


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Sconce Lighting Trends


Industrial Chic:

Industrial-inspired wall sconces with metal finishes, exposed bulbs, and sleek designs are growing in popularity. These sconces add a touch of urban sophistication to any space.


Modern Minimalism:

Clean lines and simple designs are in vogue for wall sconces. Opt for minimalist sconces that blend seamlessly with contemporary interiors, showcasing a sleek and understated elegance.



Wall sconces with nature-inspired elements, such as organic shapes, botanical motifs, or natural materials, are on-trend. These designs bring a sense of the outdoors into your home, adding a calming and refreshing touch.

How to Choose Wall Sconces

Consider Style and Design:

Choose wall sconces that complement your existing decor. Consider the overall style of your home - whether it's traditional, contemporary, or eclectic - and select sconces that harmonize with the aesthetic.

Lighting Needs:

Determine the type of lighting you require from your wall sconces. If you need ambient lighting, opt for sconces with shades that diffuse light evenly. For task lighting, choose sconces with adjustable arms or that focus light in specific directions.

Size and Proportion:

Consider the size of your walls and the space available for wall sconces. Choose sconces that are proportionate to the wall and other elements in the room. Oversized sconces may overwhelm small spaces, while tiny sconces may get lost on large walls.

Finishes and Materials:

Select wall sconces that complement the finishes and materials in your home. Whether you prefer polished chrome, brushed brass, or matte black, Brecher's Lighting offers a wide range of options to suit your style.


Brecher's Lighting provides beautiful wall sconces that are sure to enhance your home decor. Whether you need ambient lighting in the hallway, task lighting in the bedroom, or a touch of elegance in the living room, wall sconces offer a versatile lighting solution. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and choose the perfect wall sconces by considering style, lighting needs, size, proportion, and finishes. With their exquisite designs and timeless appeal, wall sconces from Brecher's Lighting will transform your home into a haven of beauty and functionality. Stop by our Lexington or Louisville lighting showroom today!

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